Self-Compassion Resources

If you’re looking for more ways to cultivate self-compassion, here are some resources to help. You may want to bookmark this page so you can find it when you need some reminders and support in relating to yourself with greater kindness.

Newsletter Archive

Every month, I send out a Self-Compassion newsletter where I offer practices and inspiration for cultivating self-compassion. Please read through the archive below, and sign up for future self-compassion newsletters here.

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September 2017 ~ Finding Your Place

August 2017 ~ The Invisible Tug Between You and Everything

July 2017 ~ Live Each Season

June 2017 ~ Sense, Savor and Let Go

May 2017 ~ Accepting the Plot Twists

April 2017 ~ The Power of &

March 2017 ~ Stop, Drop and Respond

February 2017~ Bookend the Day with Intention

January 2017 ~ Self-Compassion Toolkit, Volume 2 

December 2016 ~ Digesting the Year

November 2016 ~ A Toolkit for Challenging Times

October 2016 ~ Pause

September 2016 ~ Sun-Face Buddha, Moon-Face Buddha

August 2016 ~ Going Back to School (The School of You)

July 2016 ~ This Little Light

June 2016 ~ Appreciate the Ordinary

May 2016 ~ Remember Yourself

April 2016 ~ Let Yourself Be Silently Drawn

March 2016 ~ Compassionate Spring Cleaning

February 2016 ~ RAIN of Self-Compassion

January 2016 ~ Antidotes to Self-Improvement

December 2015 ~ Letting the Year Nourish You

November 2015 ~ The Odd Couple: Grief and Gratitude

October 2015 ~ Self-Compassion in Daily Life

September 2015 ~ Harvesting What’s Yours

August 2015 ~ Affectionate Breathing

July 2015 ~ Mid-Year Check-In

June 2015 ~ Welcoming Summer’s Roses and Thorns

May 2015 ~ Re-Parent Your Suffering

April 2015 ~ Following the Thread of Compassion

March 2015 ~ What Does it Feel Like to Be You?

February 2015 ~ To See Takes Time

January 2015 ~ As You Are

December 2014 ~ Letting the Year Register

November 2014 ~ When the Going Gets Tough, Get Kind

October 2014 ~ Daring to Be Yourself

September 2014 ~ Who Was I? Who Am I? Who Will I Be?

August 2014 ~ Self-Compassion for Hard Times

July 2014 ~ FREE to Choose Compassion

June 2014 ~ A Non-Punishing “No”

May 2014 ~ Presence Not Perfection 

April 2014 ~ Five Remedies for Overwhelm

March 2014 ~ RAIN

February 2014 ~ Seeing the Love That’s Here

January 2014 ~ Listening is Home

December 2013 ~ Letting the Year Register

November 2013 ~ Meet Your Wildness

October 2013 ~ Get Curious

September 2013 ~ The Compassionate Comma


Guided Meditation

Embodying Self-Compassion ~ this 30-minute meditation leads you through a practice to help you tap into the power of willingness, even if in this moment you feel like you don’t know how to actually relate to yourself with compassion.


Dharma Talks

Often, when I offer afternoon workshops, I also give a morning talk. Below are recordings from some of the talks I’ve given in the last few years.

It’s Not Your Job to Pretend ~ October 18, 2014 at Austin Zen Center in Austin, TX


Awakening Self-Compassion ~ October 5, 2013 at Austin Zen Center in Austin, TX


Willingness and Self-Compassion ~ May 18, 2013 in San Francisco, CA
(this talk was recorded as part of an afternoon workshop)


Cultivating Self-Compassion ~ April 9, 2011 at Austin Zen Center in Austin, TX


TED talks and other videos

Below you’ll find a selection of video talks that I often suggest to clients and students who are interested in learning more about self-compassion, or in hearing a particular thinker’s perspective. Each of the videos below offers encouragement and support in relating to yourself with kindness, and in finding wisdom in your experience as it is.