Clients often come to therapy feeling anxious, frustrated or depressed, and they want relief. Many feel stuck and unhappy in a job or a relationship. Others are struggling with life transitions and finding it difficult to face uncertainty in their lives. Whatever the situation, it can be difficult to navigate challenging times alone. This makes sense: It is in relationship that we all learn the habits we live by. Because many of these habits are lifelong and have helped us along the way, they can become invisible, and we can feel helpless to change them.

I offer a warm, grounded and attentive perspective in helping individuals find new responses to their struggles by developing a deeper capacity for self-compassion. I do this by guiding clients in:

  • Becoming more aware of the ways they habitually think and react
  • Getting in touch with the fear and pain that hide beneath habits
  • Listening to old wounds and giving them what they need to heal
  • Making the fresh choices that lead to more fulfilling and vibrant lives


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