San Francisco Therapy Focused on Self-Compassion

The Bay Area is vibrant, diverse and constantly changing, and life here can also feel stressful as you try to balance career, relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself. Many of the people I work with begin therapy because they feel disconnected from their internal compass. Maybe you, too, notice that you are constantly reacting to life and putting out fires, rather than making conscious choices from a place of inner authority. When you lose touch with your internal compass, you lose trust in yourself.

The people I work with tend to be smart, quirky, creative, reflective, community-minded professionals. They are often perfectionists who expect a lot from themselves. At the same time, they have found it difficult to take their needs seriously and often find that others don’t take their needs seriously, either. This often gets in the way of them having the kinds of relationships or work experiences that they want.

How can therapy help?

Therapy gives you the opportunity to come home to yourself and tune in to that internal compass; your source of confidence and compassion. My approach as a therapist is warm, pragmatic, and focused on self-compassion. That means that I will recognize your strengths, while understanding your challenges. I will see your wholeness and I can help you see it more clearly.

In therapy, you can get honest with yourself about who you are and what really matters to you. Together, we work to strengthen your connection to your internal compass so that you can trust yourself as you navigate your everyday life.

I will help you listen more honestly and closely to yourself. You will learn to take your feelings and needs more seriously, recognizing that your sense of confidence and self-trust comes from staying connected to what’s true for you, regardless of what other people want. You will discover that you can stay connected with others, even when you disagree with them. This is a gradual process that results in you making more authentic, meaningful choices in your relationships at home and at work.

I help clients develop self-trust as they work through:

  • self-criticism
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship issues/codependency
  • stalled career/work stress
  • grief and loss
  • creative blocks
  • life transitions


Affordable therapy that fits your budget:

As a 19-year San Francisco resident, I am committed to serving the diverse Bay Area community. I reserve a number of sliding-scale spaces in my practice for clients who need them. If the potential cost of therapy is a concern, contact me to discuss a fee that you can afford.

Call 415.255.2509 or email to set up a complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation. Or contact me here to schedule an appointment.